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Cryostat Model 459

-80°C to -180°C

A Cryostat to calibrate thermometers over the range -80°C to -180°C, It requires the use of liquid nitrogen.


  •  Extreme Low Temperature Calibration
  •  High Stability

When we considered low temperature comparison calibration, we had to take into account Health and Safety considerations, both of the liquids used in compressors to generate low temperatures and also the liquids used in the calibration volume itself. The cost of chillers increases considerably for very low temperatures. We concluded that using chillers for very low temperatures was expensive, unsafe and unreliable.

Our solution is a simple heated metal block design using a single, safe surrounding liquid, liquid nitrogen.

An apparatus immersed in liquid nitrogen will cool to approximately -195°C. Our design, using a controller and heater, permits the cryostat to be set at any temperature above liquid nitrogen temperature.

The Cryostat comprises an insulated machined copper equalizing block inside an 80mm diameter tube 480mm long, attached via a flange to a lid giving access for three thermometers, a vacuum port and a Lemo connector for the temperature sensor and heater. A cable runs to a controller which sets the temperature. An RS422 connector permits the calibration to be automated using one of our Software programs.

Cryostat Model 459

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Model 459
Cryostat Temperature -80°C to -180°C
Absolute Stability (over 30 mins) ±0.005°C at -80°C. ±0.0015°C at -150°C (as measured by one of the 670 thermometers in the bottom of one of the pockets of the cryostat).
Homogeneity – pocket to pocket ±0.005°C
Vertical Profile (over bottom 50mm) ±0.005°C at -80°C. ±0.01°C at -150°C
Immersion Depth 560mm
Neck Diameter 120mm
Compatibility Liquid Nitrogen Containers
Nitrogen Capacity 35 litres
How to order 459 Cryostat
Accessories 459-01-01 Hand Vacuum Pump, 459-01-02 Electric Vacuum Pump, 459-01-03 35 litre Cryostat Container, 459-01-04 25 litre Container for topping up.